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We traded in chaotic California for a 60-acre farm on the coast of Maine.

Sound crazy?

If you’re anything like us it probably sounds like a dream. If you have that feeling in your gut, the one telling you the everyday grind of life is slowly swallowing your dreams, then welcome home.

Do you question why you do what you do?

The word Why is powerful. It can ignite the fire of a new beginning.

  • Why do I live in this town?

  • Why do I keep going to this job?

  • Why do I settle?

  • Why do I follow a daily routine that doesn’t fulfill me?

We’ve been married 20 years and with a boatload of our own whys, we decided to pull anchor and start tackling our dreams.

Come along with us and let’s help kindle that fire for change that burns inside you. 

We’re glad you’re here.

~Mike & Megan

The Clouse Chronicles

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