Hillside Farm

Boothbay, Maine

We traded in our native Northern California lives for an 1880s farmhouse in Maine. This is our story.

With 2 grown kids and 19 years of marriage, our souls searched for something new for this second half of our lives. We made plenty of lists; lists that included things we still wanted to accomplish, lists featuring aspects of our dream house, lists of new businesses we could begin and most importantly lists of how we wanted to live and feel and breathe and be.

As we searched throughout the US, Maine was actually not on our radar at first. The more we discussed the life we wanted, our compass slowly lead us to Boothbay Maine, a small harbor town not too far from a few big cities.

Hillside Farm, its given namesake from the original family, was built in 1880 and sits perched on 13 acres overlooking the Damariscotta River; a local river famous for its oysters. As the new 2nd owners of this property and we take great pride in honoring all those who came before us in those last 140 years. The 13 acres felt plenty for our family needs, however we had the opportunity to add two other forested parcels to our purchase, which added another 50 acres to our farm. It’s our hope that in the coming year or two, we will begin to work on the possibilities for this beautiful land, which might include a second family home or family-run business.

We are so glad to have you along on this journey!

Mike and Megan Clouse