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Abundant Thoughts

By Megan:

I knew our move to Maine from California would impact my established photography business, but I was excited for a change, knowing a new beginning would allow me to pursue a few business ideas I’ve had on the back burner.

However, what I could not foresee was how slowing down my business and income would affect my mental state.

In these last 10 months, I’ve found my mind going from, “I can always make more money” to “It’s all gone forever!!” and it’s been quite the mental rollercoaster.

Mindset is everything! I spent much of my 20’s figuring this out and applying what I learned to help create the life I currently live. But over the last decade or two I’ve let some of these principles slip and can see how it’s impacted my thoughts. Since thoughts are the seeds of our future it's time to get things dialed in.

I found this podcast about fear helpful in my journey towards getting my abundant mindset back on track. Especially with this statement that Marie practices daily:

“Every time I’d write a check I would bless it and say, ‘there’s always more from where that came from’.” - Marie Forleo

How Expectations Kill Gratitude

By Mike:

Choosing a partner to do life with is interesting if you really think about it. It complicates everything by 10x, but also makes it more beautiful by 10x all at once.

After a few months, and especially years together it’s easy to forget you are two separate people with individual dreams and desires.

An overlap of shared goals and responsibilities blends the lines turning me and you into we. As we lean on each other for inspiration, guidance or support it becomes easy to simply expect your partner to be there, pick up the slack and deliver. After all, that’s their job, right?

Reading this article on how expectations kill gratitude was a great reminder, we are all in relationships by choice. Sure we need to rely on one another, but recognizing our partner is also choosing to be here is important.

Paying attention and being grateful for what they do everyday (big and small) to keep our relationship boat afloat is a great step towards a happy life.

Current Book:

We try to read one book together every month or so and share our thoughts and takeaways with each other.

Now that you're with us we'll share the books and thoughts with you as well.

Ryan Holiday has a facinating background and has written some great books, he just released Stillness Is The Key and we're just diving in.

Join us in reading and we'll share thoughts!

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