Spending lazy weekends in a small town, while on vacation, is one thing; being a Type A person living in a small town is a whole other deal.

This week I needed to find a dry cleaner for a couple of clothing items that have been patiently waiting.

Arnold does not have a dry cleaners.

We have a few good places to eat and big grocery store with organic produce from Capay Farms, but to set the stage, Arnold also has a 1 hour photo and a video store. So it's still a small town.

A few weeks back I needed to ship a UPS package. Low and behold our local Meadowmont Pharmacy also serves as an official drop off point for those pesky Amazon returns. Score!

When I Googled and Yelped dry cleaners it was looking bleak. My closest storefront was 23 miles away. I contemplated just bringing my things to my beloved Sonoma cleaners but didn't want to wait the 2 weeks for my return trip.

So I did some more research and guess who came to the rescue? Our Meadowmont Pharmacy again! It's really getting to be quite charming. The dry cleaning company comes to the Pharmacy every Tuesday and Thursday to pick up and drop off. Second score!

Feeling clean and happy,