A few weeks ago I had dinner with a group of women you'll sometimes hear me refer to as my "Closet Friends". We were all designers at California Closets at the same time, and as different as we all are, we've happily stayed in touch through the years.

As the evening wrapped up, my friend Julia shared how she just had an amazing experience with an Astrologer who specializes in relocation advice/energy/predictions (I honestly do not know what to call her perspective). Julia shared her entire experience and I was amazed at the accuracy of her advice for Julia. It was spot-on. I was instantly intrigued!

So I signed up!!

I gathered the necessary details, such as birth date and time and a few more details and emailed off the information. Sidenote: I love how old world Astrology and new world technology can work together.

Not everyone I've shared this news with has been excited or open, but I've spent worse money on some dumb online clothes shopping and I'm willing to take a chance. I'm keeping an open mind!

So my phone appointment with her is tomorrow morning and I'm quite excited!

I'll keep you posted,