Preface: This is my third attempt at writing down my thoughts on this. I've run into many of you in Sonoma or talked with you over a glass of wine, and I've had no trouble spewing out detail after detail. Putting this crazy ball of thoughts into a written post is another thing. Here's hoping I don't have to write a fourth version.

It's been one month since I had my Astrology reading and it was...

  • amazing
  • accurate
  • raw
  • encouraging
  • intense
  • clarifying
  • and
  • confusing.

I'm still baffled how a complete stranger with sun and moon and planet charts could pin-point so much about me and others without any other given information! Even if Alex (the Astrologer) was a master Google researcher, there's so much that she could never have Googled!

Here's how it worked. I gave Alex this information a couple weeks before our call and only gave this information.
First Name (Me, Mike, my sister Amanda, my sister-n-law Julie)
Birth Date
Birth Time
Birth City

The reading was done via phone (with me only) and lasted a whopping 2 hours and 54 minutes! She talked fast and I took notes fast! The fee was $200 and it included her taking the time to do all of her pre-research, plus recording the audio call and mailing me the discs so I can go back and listen again.

I'd say the reading was about 95% accurate and had some serious detail about family relationships, marital dynamics and individual personality traits that were freakishly spot-on.

I know, I know, you want details!

I'm prefacing all of this because it has been a really deep process. It went from a really exciting, fascinating experience that Mike and I eagerly talked about on a long car ride, to an evolution of hurt feelings and quiet rumination that sat unsettled for a couple weeks. It's been an ongoing process for us; talking through a lot of it together and individually in our own thoughts. To be quite blunt, I felt it was totally accurate and Mike not so much.

I promised you that I'd be honest about our entire process as we ventured into this new adventure, so here are some of the highlights that I separated into two categories.


  • I don't fit in anywhere. Some places feel more comfortable, but my father has never really fit in anywhere either and this is part of my DNA.
  • Mike is very bright, fair, equatable but he has a hard time making decisions.
  • Mike needs to feel of service to someone or something - contributing to helping someone. (If you ever dig deep with Mike and ask him what he wants in life, he'll share with you his desire for a charitable and meaningful life.)
  • My family thinks they know me but I can do a 180 and completely surprise them.
  • Mike might be fearful but still do it and it will be good for him. His time will catch up and he'll be grateful.
  • I get disappointed with friends - "why would they do that or not do that?"
  • Mike sees the trees and I see the forest. (In a real life example, I'm trying to plan 5-10-20 years into our future and he's more concerned about this month. Both are absolutely important, but we've been trying to find our rhythm with this and we are not there yet.)
  • We are good for each other - it's good for me to loosen him up.
  • I'm a natural rebel but I'm very thoughtful about why.
  • California is very bad for Mike. He needs to move!

And then 2 more hours of notes like this that got even more personal and deep.


  • 2018 will be an incredible year for me with LOTS of realignments and changes. Not as noticeable on the outside but big on the inside.
  • 2019/2020 will begin to be Mike's years with some great offers. He must be open to all opportunities.
  • Rent or easy resale for this next year. Need to be fluid and loose. Do NOT look for your dream home yet!
  • (regarding reincarnation) When I was born I didn't want to do life one more time. Kind of like, "not again..." (ha ha!)
  • I have a very strong intuition and she encouraged me to stop, breathe, listen and trust.
  • Megan: By the age of 62-63 I'll be settled; By the age of 72 I'll start something new; By the age of 85 my mind will be very open. I will live to the age of 107! (ha ha)

As I'm typing this I'm already feeling your skepticism. I get it! These words could apply to half the population. It all could be total bull. But let me say, it wasn't even so much what Alex said about me that made me want to fall off my seat, it was the accuracy of all 4 of our individual readings that made my eyes big. I'm a believer now!

One last thing about my reading.

So the entire reason I reached out for this reading was because she specialized in relocation. I usually have a strong vibe about things and I've literally been stumped for months. I cannot pull up any intuition on where our next home should be. Portland Oregon or Portland Maine? Sonoma or Sedona? When I say I've been "all over the map" I literally mean it. I started feeling desperate.

What I learned is that states and countries have birth dates just like people. And based on our charts and signs, we as a married couple should focus our energies on moving to Gemini states. She could not stress enough how light and sunshine and big prosperity will shine on us in the next few years, and likely in these states. Specifically:
South Carolina

I'm not particularly opposed to any of these states, as long as I'm a quick direct flight to my family, but it's still difficult to grasp. I'm grateful for her insight, but it did not actually make it any more clarifying. It actually complicated it more in my head because I can see our home and life in my mind but I'm not sure it's in one of those states.

Ironically, before this Astrology reading took place, Mike and I spent a few days in Tennessee to see Kyle our oldest and we spent some of that time imagining life there; looking at housing and opportunities. We got on the plane back home and kind of agreed it was not for us. But who knows? Maybe it was just that particular city we were in?

I want to close with 2 things:

She emphasized several times that Mike and I both have very strong, given intuitions and that we just need to start getting on planes and checking out areas and following our senses. So this week we have a big Oregon trip planned to check out towns and some properties. (I know it's not on her list but I'm playing my intuition card on this.)

In closing, I found the entire experience cathartic, validating and was a big kick in the pants to keep following my dreams. I'm very glad I did the reading, but it still has my mind spinning.

See you next time with our Oregon report,

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