We are back in California and I have to say our trip to Oregon was fun and helpful!

We checked off some of the towns from our list because of an overall feeling of meh, and asterisked a few that we liked because of its quaint Main Street and good energy. We ate some great food and Mike sampled a lot of coffee, and we happily got to see Eric 3 times (who is living temporarily at a winery near Portland during the harvest season) so overall it was a success.

Towns we liked and are keeping on our watch list:
Oregon City
Rogue River Valley

And yes, we've had lots of discussion about the pros and cons of moving further away and weather. Trust me. The possibility of not seeing family and friends as much is high on the list so we're trying to figure out that balance. And of course we love our California sunshine but we all know that this sunny weather comes at a high real estate cost.

Mike and I talked a great deal about it all last night and Mike asked a great clarifying question, because I've had a really difficult time pinpointing all of our options. He asked, "What does it look like when you're 70 years old and stepping outside of our house?" All of a sudden it was clear! "I keep my rain boots by the door and there's a porch and peacefulness and a garden and orchard and I'm wearing a sweater. And it's not humid for months on end, like in the south."

So this could totally change, because you've all seen me flip a 180 pretty quick, but I really felt at home in Oregon.

With that said, we are not in a hurry because we really want to be smart about our timing and make sure it's the best decision for us. Plus moving sucks and once I plant my orchard of apple and persimmon trees, I do not want to move again!

We shall see,