Mike and I were in our new home in Ashland Oregon, I think it was the winter of 2000, and starting my little nugget of a photography business felt overwhelmingly intimidating. As we stood in the kitchen, I told him that I thought I'd go down to our local Albertsons Market that sat just on the outskirts of town and apply for a job. I had all the experience and prized Journeyman credentials to make them happy to hire me.

I was trying to take the easy path.

Mike looked into my eyes and flexed his adamant voice and said something to the affect of "You absolutely will not, and if it means you sit bored at home for months on end, then so be it." He saw all the potential in me that I could not yet see.

Now, some 17 years later, I'm so grateful for Mike's words because this long, slow journey developing my photography business, has taught me to live in the fringe of fear and walk the path of the unknown.

I'm sharing all of this with you because my heart bursts for you to find your path if you are still searching. My path was not paved nor pretty and it included a lot of anguish and tears (still) but I believe it's worth it.

I don't have the easy answers for you to get started, but I can give a couple roll-up-your-sleeves tips that we followed then and are doing this very moment again:

  • ONE: Live lean to give yourself more breathing room. Keep debt and overhead at a ridiculous minimum. Make it a game to see how little you can spend, or how long you can wear your same old shoes in your closet.
  • TWO: Say "What If." I read about this technique years ago. When you fill your head with "How can I?!" or "I need to..." the words just sit there stymied. But if you say to yourself "What if...?!" your brain instantly tries to solve the question. Have pen and paper near by and start brain dumping. It's seriously magic!

This journey that Mike and I are on, is not meant to be a 'look at us with it all figured out'. Lordy knows we don't. Our big regrouping, move and documenting every bit of our life is so that I can piece together our entire path for anyone that wants to follow. The path will still not be paved, because I believe the good part of life is found in the struggles, but I know your path is out there waiting for you.

Let's walk this together!


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