There's a treasured and slightly famous Christmas photo, Circa 2001, that lives in the depths of one of my hard drives. Mike is traipsing down a snowy logging road with our Ashland neighbor Ken as we all searched for our Christmas trees.

In Ashland, and probably in many rural towns, the drill was we'd stop at the local Forestry Building in town and purchase a $5 tree tag with an accompanying territory map. We'd then drive 30 minutes up a mountain with gloves, snowshoes and a handsaw searching for our perfect Noble Christmas tree. Any size for $5!

It was so perfectly picturesque and fun!

As I've been scrolling through Instagram this week, I've been smiling at all of the Rockwell moments people are posting and I had hopeful visions for us recreating that tree cutting scene again. I could see us snuggled up in the snow. Tying off our prized tree onto the top of our old Landcruiser and then posting countless photos so people would envy our life. Ah, social media... how I love thee and how sometimes it's just not always real life...

First of all we have absolutely no snow. It's been sunny and 62 degrees for days and days. And secondly, Mike and I truly enjoy choosing a live tree that we can then plant on the property and enjoy for years to come.

So this year, you will not see a photo that will make Country Living or Martha Stewart beg me for permission to post. You'll see our darling, little $69 dollar Nursery Store tree crammed into the back of the cruiser with all of the boxes, coffee bags and random stuff that needs to be dropped off at our storage unit.

Merry Christmas!

p.s. Tonight (Dec 12) is the first night of Hanukkah. Blessings to you as well.