When Mike and I decided to make this slightly crazy leap a few months ago, we had known that there would be situations and circumstances that we just could not foresee.

Our schedules have been one of them.

To the best of my ability, I originally expected to spend a night here or there, but those 1-2 nights has turned into 3-4 night trips because I've been packing as much into my Sonoma trips as possible. And to compound the crazy, Mike has pretty much created the same routine but on a completely different schedule. We've made some attempts at combining our Bay Area calendars, but we both have such different tasks and itineraries, so we've found that it's just sometimes easier to do our own thing.

It's been a bit of a struggle but the good news is that this historically busy December will subside soon and there should be a few upcoming months a little more calm.

Here's a glimpse at our next 10 days...

Dec 6-9
Mike leaves at 3:30am (to beat traffic) for SF/Berkeley appointments.

Dec 7-10
Megan leaves at 8am for Bay Area appointments, Sonoma wedding, etc.

Dec 11
Mike leaves for day trip in Berkeley.

Dec 12
We are both home! Get Christmas tree together.

Dec 13-15
Megan leaves for Sonoma appointments and shoots. Mike might bring laptop and come along.

Cheers to our MileQ app, automatically logging all of these miles for us,

p.s. Nov 30-Dec 3: We just returned from a 4 day trip in Palm Springs for a wedding I photographed. The wedding and weather was glorious!! Here are a couple favorite photos.