So this post probably would have been helpful about 2 weeks ago, but in the chance you still need to make up some pretty little hostess and thank you gifts, here is a handy guide for wreath making.

Now of course I have the great wide open wilderness as my backyard, so foraging is pretty simple for me, but I suspect you could get creative with branches and finds in your neighborhood. I actually really lucked out with all my clippings because our HOA recently trimmed back the shrubs from the neighborhood streets and then left the clippings for the crew that came and chipped them days later. So I had A LOT to work with!



I found these great embroidery hoops on Amazon! Or you can also find the hoops and the wreaths at your local craft store. The wire can be found at your local hardware or craft store.

Each wreath only took about 10 minutes and it's ok if they're a little "unique". Each one will be different and that's the beauty of them.

TIP: I found it better to attach each twig individually rather than trying to do all 4+ twigs with one wrap of wire.

TIP: Have fun experimenting with any ribbon or twine you have on hand. Yes, Dad, even black ribbon is festive for Christmas.  (wink, wink)  For the Manzanita wreath, I braided 3 strands of twine together for a more hipster wreath. (ha ha!)

And for this last one below, I kept it even more simple by skipping the twine at the top and just hanging onto the guest bedroom mirror hook.


So if you love this idea, but I'm too late for this year, just bookmark it or I will likely repost in the early part of December next year.

Have fun!  - Megan