One of my most favorite mom/kid stories, was told to me years ago by my friend Jennifer Ramage. Her husband had been the associate Pastor at our local Sonoma church and Jennifer was a busy stay-at-home mom with 3 kids. One Friday afternoon, Jennifer was cleaning the house and one of her kids walked in and said, "Hey, who's coming over tonight?" Mind you, the question was based solely on the fact that she was cleaning.

She quickly snapped back, "No one has to be coming over for me to clean!!!"

Her child just stood there blankly looking at her, and then she sheepishly replied in a low voice, "The so-and-so family is coming over tonight."

Oh man this story makes me laugh!

So a few weeks ago I was bustling around the cabin, sweeping and cleaning, getting everything ship-shape for our visiting friends the next day. I thought of Jennifer and her story and then turned to Mike and said, "You know, we really need to have friends or family visit about every two weeks." He knew the real (and clean) meaning behind my statement.

I'm not going to lie, I cannot wait to have a housekeeper again. It's a luxury that I greatly miss. But until then, who wants to come for a visit?

You understand right?