In May of 1998, Mike and I walked into the Macys furniture store in Novato and the very first couch on display to the right of the entrance caught our eye.

We'll take it!!

We tend to make really quick decisions, sometimes to our fault, so we ordered up the exact display color, not even pausing to consider flipping through the multi-color swatch ring. In hindsight, if we'd known we'd keep this piece of furniture for nearly 2 decades, 2 states and 5 houses, we might have given our decision a little more thought.

Oh well, it's been good to us.

I'm sharing this story because the moment that the Sonoma Sotheby's real estate sign was stabbed into the ground next to our driveway, I started fantasizing about all the items we'd be selling and donating. That couch was the first on the list!

It's been the best couch, but my God I'm just plain tired of looking at it everyday!

So our escrow has endured some recent ups and downs and the possibility of us actually pulling the house off the market and holding out a little bit longer has been filling our nightly discussions.

But I'll be damned, whether this house sells or not, if we keep that couch!! So last week, a nice new friend came over and hauled out nearly all of our living room furniture for the sweet price of $80. Please just take it!!

We are now sitting on the only 2 remaining chairs we own, with a shared ottoman for our 4 feet. The site is pretty laughable right now. And Lord help us if any company spontaneously stops by for a visit.

But I'm thrilled for all the new possibilities ahead of us. Including, the purchase of a new couch!