Four and a half years ago we purchased our Sonoma Highway House, always knowing it would be some sort of investment stepping stone. As grateful as we are in obtaining this house, it was never going to be our forever home.

I'm sure just like you, Mike and I have a long list of unfinished dreams, ideas, hopes and goals. Even though our list is long, we've found ourselves sitting contently, kind of lazily waiting, as if those goals were going to walk into our lives on their own.

So one evening, we looked at each other and said, "Time to shake things up!"

These are our stats:

  • Together 20 years.
  • Still clinging onto our 40s.
  • 2 grown boys on their own.
  • A modest amount of house equity.
  • 1 house currently for sale.
  • 3 businesses (drafting, coffee and photography).
  • A nonexistent retirement plan.
  • 1 log cabin in the woods.
  • A decent amount of emergency-fund savings.
  • And enough energy to get some shit done for our future.

So that's what we're doing! (We're just not totally sure what it looks like yet.)

We'd love to have you follow along, because having some friends by our side makes any journey more enjoyable. This is the very beginning, of the 2nd half of our story...

Megan and Mike Clouse