Last night I sent out a big batch of emails with our new temporary address and I'm aware the email could have been a bit surprising to many recipients. The task of sending out the new address was more of my 'check this off my to do list', and not at all meant to be an official goodbye statement.

We're not saying goodbye just yet because...

[one] My photography business is still based in Sonoma, so I'll be here for weddings, elopements and making time for glasses of wine in the Plaza with friends.

[two] We might buy again in Sonoma! Our Highway house was always meant to be temporary, but our love of Sonoma is still strong. We have no idea what town will become our next home, but Sonoma is not off the list.

[three] This might be naive, but I have high hopes that we'll see our friends as often and maybe even a little more. We're hoping to welcome visitors to our guest room in the cabin; offering up a respite from the every day.

[four] And then there's good 'ol fashioned denial. I did a quick tally of our years in Sonoma and we've called this home for 15 years! The thought of it not being home is a little difficult to grasp right now, so I've been clinging onto this quote that brings me comfort:

"When you have to let go of something, the reason you're scared is because your mind can only measure what you'll lose, and it cannot see what you will gain."

Lastly, selling our house is not about a change of scenery for us, it's about doing something big for our future selves! We recognize that there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people just like us... A little discontent, wondering if there's more out there, what will we do when the kids are out of the house, how the heck will we "retire" someday, etc.

We're hoping to share our process, our mistakes and just maybe inspire a few of you to reach for your unfinished dreams too.