While my sister was doing a recent NorCal tour visiting friends, she declared, "I could travel and sleep on friends' couches for months on end. I love not being home!"

I did not get that gene.

I love being home but with that said, I'm doing a pretty good job at embracing our current and slightly nomadic life.

With our cabin being 2-4 hours from any of our work commitments, we are finding ourselves having to hit up our friends and family for a late night place to rest our head and it's actually been ok.

These past 30 days I've had a big run of trips and overnights, and I have to say I hiked up my big girl panties extra snug and gave myself the same pep-talk I tell my 2.5 year old niece Bowie, "You got this!"

I like my bed and slippers and Omega juicer and carrot sticks and my dresser drawers where everything is just so. Digging through a suitcase for a clean pair of underwear and living with restaurant food is not my idea of fun.

The first 4 nights of September I was in Utah for a wedding and some good friend time. Salt Lake City is starting to feel homey and Daidri's guest bed is like sleeping on a $1,000,000 cloud so I felt right at home (well it's comfier than home).

Then the next week, I spent 4 nights traveling from house to house. Photo shoots, car repair, dinner with family, dinner with friends, dinner with family again and then a wedding. I was rolling into unfamiliar guest rooms nearly every night and as silly as this might sound to some, this was a big test for me.

Instead of letting any homesick feeling take over, I took charge of this rare opportunity and had some amazing quality time with my Aunt Colene, my friend Julia and my Aunt and Uncle Nancy and Roy. I expected to be filled with feelings of sadness being away from Mike and my familiar, but instead soaked up as much of the love that I felt from my hosts.

I was home for 2 blessed nights and then just added new clothes to my luggage that never got unpacked and jumped on a plane for 4 nights in Nashville. An exciting trip to celebrate family; my stepson and niece who are following their musical dreams. I once again rallied with an unfamiliar bed, busy city, humid heat, big rental SUV, a ridiculous amount of Interstates, some crazy Uber rides, and one very awesome mom-n-pop health food store that became my green juice sanctuary.

Oh you'll love this story... our first morning in Nashville, we had breakfast at a local neighborhood joint that was quite popular on a Wednesday at 10:30am. Me, Mike, Kyle (my stepson) and Leona (my mother-in-law) squeezed into a table and began scanning the menus. I'm not a big heavy breakfast kind of gal and I was really needing something familiar and to be quite honest, "Californian". Our kind waiter checked in and went around the table taking our orders. 1 Eggs Benedict with Potatoes and 3 Organic Yogurt, Granola, Fruit Parfaits. Seriously it was kind of embarrassing; so much so that I cracked a quip to the waiter, "Guess which 3 are from California?"

So anyway. That's the latest. We are still embracing this crazy life we have carved out. But all of this change makes me believe I'm being prepped for something. Something big. Something out of my comfort zone. And I'm ready for it!