Anyone that has been around me long enough has seen my pattern of obsessions.

My dear friends who patiently put up with my deluge of texts, emails and Pinterest shares. It's usually about 6 days of asking their opinion on two different tan handbags, knowing if they just reply with a smiley face,  I'll eventually move on and they'll have a reprieve. A couple weeks will pass quietly and then I'll be sending photos of a downtown brick loft apartment, which will turn into an all white farmhouses next to a cornfield and then handcrafted clog boots that ship for free from Sweden.

I'm passionate about so many things, but can't always make up my mind.

So my latest obsession is finding the ugliest possible property for cheap and making it amazing. That, I've decided, is our golden ticket.

I recently found a few properties that fit the bill, so Mike and I loaded up our overnight bags and hit the road this past weekend. First stop was a 4 acre barren parcel in Truckee with a mere $100,000 asking price. Basically a bare piece of dirt dotted with scrub brush, sandwiched between a busy road and dual railroad tracks. It's actually still quite beautiful and could be amazing with a well thought-out plan. As we stood in the snow, we mentally designed a long and low modern building that would block the road noise, and that vast Eastern view would be captured with abundant glass. Even with our vision, the land just misses so many of the boxes we are trying to tick. So we moved on.

Second stop was Reno; a big casino town that was fittingly our "wild card" idea. The land is everything that we do NOT dream about, but dang-it all, Pinterest can make me believe in anything! For the last 10 days or so I've become completely obsessed with desert houses, thick adobe walls, long sparkling swimming pools and vibrant sunsets that bring tears to your eyes.

We drove around silently, taking everything in, while trying to find a 40 acre parcel that had an address that did not match the location description. Based on the likely neighborhood, we made the executive decision that we just could not imagine ourselves in Reno so it got nixed. (Sorry Emily, I would have loved being your Reno neighbor!!!!) Before heading back to Truckee, we did a quick stop to peek at a spectacular old downtown brick warehouse that I've been eyeing. It's what every loft dream is made of but also such a big undertaking, and the property we learned is now under contract. Always fun to imagine though.

So we finished off our mini adventure back in Truckee. We have a tendency to just power through everything, so instead of pointing the car towards home, we forced ourselves to enjoy a drink at one of the local joints, and then made a last minute decision to stay at Squaw Resort. Since we were feeling adventuresome, we skipped the easy hotel restaurant and hopped onto the shuttle to Squaw Village and roamed around in the freezing cold. Our go-to pizza option was packed, so we found ourselves at the best little window seat in a restaurant that serves Boxty, a very interesting and tasty German crepe dish.

(We also had a post-dinner encounter with a 20-something, disgruntled, drunk, tech guy likely living off a trust fund taking swigs straight out of a $400+ bottle of Opus One. That's a story I'll share in person.)

Overall the trip was worthwhile, because it gave us a lot of insight of what we don't want and reminded us of our priorities. So even though we were able to cross off some options from our list, I still sat in the car feeling disappointed. I really thought I had found a couple hidden gems.

Onward and forward!