Chapter 2 - Our PreSchedule

I’ll warn you now, we are fairly experienced in the remodel world and our fast approach is not for the faint at heart.

For a little history from a few years ago. We received our Arnold, California cabin keys on an Easter Sunday and spent that entire day gutting cabinets, flooring and tossing old curtains. The very next day beginning at 8am we had a host of work being done, including Comcast installing our WiFi, our HVAC contractor running an entirely new central heating system and our interior painter on the schedule beginning a few days later. Oh and our new kitchen was already designed, built and waiting in storage.

That was just day two of home ownership.

When we walked through Hillside Farm back in September, we did not see the faded wallpaper or the dusty ruffled curtains. All we saw was us sitting cozy in a beautiful freshly painted room, with friends laughing and a crackling fire glowing as we all enjoyed a nice local red wine. Waiting months to get to that vision is just not in our genes.

So when people ask, “How did you get so much done so fast?!” Our preschedule - while still in escrow - will give you a glimpse:

  • August 8th: Revisited Zillow listing and researched house and area.

  • August 10th: Searched Boothbay Chamber of Commerce website, found our realtor Debby, (2017 Realtor of the Year) and she looked like a nice person.

  • Aug 16th: Made first offer and continued negotiations.

  • September 4: We flew out to see house and town in person. (yes we made an offer before we saw it in person)

  • September 6: Made new offer on Mike’s 50th birthday! Happy Birthday to Mike!

  • September 19: After a lot of back and forth, went into escrow.

  • September 19: Created preliminary house repair budget.

  • September 20: Researched and narrowed down contractors.

  • September 21: Made contractor calls and created room renderings (Mike is a very skilled AutoCad designer).

  • October 11: Inspection and loan contingencies signed off.

  • October 11: After a lot of phone calls and emails, booked first round of contractors to begin in November; HVAC and flooring. Paint will be confirmed and begin in December.

  • October 31 (coming up): Fly out to sign final documents and get house keys! We’ll be on property for 4 full days this trip for a lot of DIY demo projects and contractor appointments.