Chapter 4 - Always Have a Plan B

Mike and I had it all planned out, and then our plan went out the window. Just a little.

So let me get you caught up…

Our upcoming Maine construction schedule has about 2 months of work needed before we move in, which means November and December are dedicated for that to be completed. With that in mind, we listed our cabin on October 2nd with the thought that it might take a little while for the cabin to sell. You see, Mike did some research and the average house sale here in Arnold California, listed-to-sold, takes about 90 days and we thought, “Perfect! We’ll be able to stay in the cabin until January and it will time out perfectly.”

Well we had a whirlwind of interest and showings during the first week our cabin was on the market and we received a solid offer right away. Not a total panic, so we asked in our counter offer if we could rent back for a wee bit.


We get it. The buyers are excited to get cozy and settled in for the holidays so we enacted Operation Plan B. “Hello, wonderful family can we stay with you for a few weeks? We promise to be neat and quiet and help out with dinners.”

So we’ll be closing escrow on the cabin a few days before Thanksgiving. Our cabin belongings will then go into a second storage unit that is thankfully right next door to our other storage unit (which houses all of our Sonoma house belongings). We’ll pack up our everyday necessities and drive both cars into the big city (I’m picturing a subtle hillbilly image in my head) and hopefully not freak out my in-laws, Leona and Mike, with all of our necessary belongings (clothes, vitamix, juicer, already purchased Christmas gifts, etc.)

It’s not the most ideal, but there are actually quite a few aspects I’m looking forward to! It will be nice to be in the Bay Area again. Closer to friends and family, closer to my scheduled photo shoots and I’m ready to enjoy some favorite eateries and to have amenities nearby. (I’m trying really hard to not focus on my sadness of saying goodbye to the cabin.)

So here is what our schedule looks like:


October 29: Wire money for house purchase!

October 31: Fly out to Maine! Sign final documents and get keys!

November 1-4: Demo. Dump run. Meet with contractors.


November 16-18: Pack up cabin.

November 18-19: Load 2nd storage unit with all cabin belongings.

November 20: Say goodbye to cabin (tears).

December: Lots of friend and family time + more photography bookings.


December 29: Estimating all paint and final floor finish coat will be completed.

January 2: Load all storage units into hired moving trailer.

January 3: Moving trailer drives to Boothbay, Maine.

January 4: Load Land Cruiser and Mercedes onto car carrier.

January 5: One way plane ticket to Maine!

Fingers crossed all dates stay on schedule!