Chapter 6 - We Have the Keys!

Well it’s official! We own a home in Maine!

Mike and I flew into Maine late on October 31st. We loaded our 4 door rental truck with several bags of luggage filled with bedding, tools and work clothes and made our way to our hotel reservation for a quick night’s sleep.

We awoke early the next day, wrapped a few items from the continental breakfast buffet into napkins and as we walked out, Mike cracked a joke to the hotel clerk who was the same one who checked us in hours earlier. “Wow you must have a long shift.” The clerk quipped back with a smile, “Nope. You just had a short sleep.” Amen to that (yawn)!

First stop was the local Walmart where the King mattress we ordered was waiting for us in will-call (rolled up and vacuum sealed into a box). Then we arrived at our realtor’s office for our 8:30am paperwork signing. After about 82 signatures, we were handed the house keys along with a few wonderful items that the seller wanted us to have. One was an original framed watercolor of the house which is quite beautiful! It shows the house back in its glory days with flowering trees and landscaping; most of which has since dwindled over the years. A few other items including the original barn weather vane which must date back to the 1800s, some monogrammed sheets and some other personal items.

Hugs and handshakes were made around the table and then we took the short drive to the house. We’ve purchased homes before, but this has felt so different from the beginning. We have both compared it to what it must feel like when the adoption process is finally complete and someone hands you your baby. It’s like holy shit!

It’s difficult to wrap up every feeling we encountered during those 5 days because it really did swing back and forth a bit. For Mike, he absolutely came alive and felt right at home. Any doubts that sprang up, he kept quiet from me. He chatted and introduced himself to the bartender, the gas station attendant, the coffee shop owner and the lumber yard folks. While he chatted, I mostly stayed quiet and just offered up a smile. Mike sensed my mood pretty quickly, so he checked in with me several times and we talked about my fears and thoughts. Here was a home that I had dreamed about for years, and all of a sudden I was feeling quite overwhelmed. He gave me some gentle space and let me adjust at my own pace.

On the last day, I had a good break through. As I sat on the mattress on the floor, looking around at all of the chipped paint, moldy baseboard and curled bathroom linoleum, I realized that Hillside Farm is in a very similar condition as the old Napa Victorian we purchased back in 1998. The Victorian was so bad that Mike and I still vividly remember Eric, who was 4, asking to be held because he was scared. In just a few short weeks of ownership of that Napa home, it was one of the most beautiful homes, filled with fresh paint, shiny floors and Frank Sinatra tunes crooning. At that moment, I knew we could do this and it was going to be glorious, very, very soon.

With ALL that said, I do want to share the flip side! We walked around in awe of the beauty, we smiled, we explored, we found a few really fun eateries, we walked our little river cove and we got super excited for all that will be. It’s just a lot to take in, but it’s truly wonderful!