Chapter 11 - When Did Change Become So Difficult

In the year 2000 Mike and I quietly sold our Napa Victorian to an eager off-market buyer, found 15 acres of bare land in the mountains of Southern Oregon, lived in a travel trailer while we built a house and started our lives completely over. I remember just doing it. No tears. No fretting. No worrying about new income. No big conversations or worried looks from family.

This upcoming move feels completely different which has me thinking deeply; what happens to our adventuresome attitude as we age? Does it slowly dwindle from our being, just like testosterone and collagen?

Our youngest Eric just wrapped up his winery harvest job in Austria and has spent the last couple of weeks touring Italy and France with his girlfriend. Eric phoned recently to say hello and to share how much fun he’s having, staying in random guest rooms with acquaintances, borrowing a local’s car and touring the European countryside. He’s having the most amazing time and all I could think about (and I’m embarrassed to admit) was logistics and laundry facilities and language barriers.

Sure I might look adventuresome, because we are actually doing it; actually selling and leaving what we know and moving to the other side of the country, but I’m not feeling very adventuresome right now. I feel like I’ve become a 90 year old hermit who never wants discomfort or change, and frankly I don’t like this about me.

Is an adventuresome spirit something that needs to be exercised just like any other muscle? Am I just out of shape? Does my previous 30 year old self need to get my current 47 year old self up to speed?

I’m really curious if you’ve noticed this about yourself as you’ve aged. Give me a reply and share your experience.

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