Chapter 15 - So California

Years ago when our boys were young and computers were relatively new, I’d keep a Word document easily accessible so I could jot down funny quotes and quips from the boys. Now with the luxury of a computer in the palm of my hand, paired with a Notes app, the documenting of entertaining quotes has ratcheted up to all new levels!

One of my most treasured and entertaining quotes document contains an active diary called So California. The lined page is filled with quotes that I have actually heard with my own two ears; quotes you’d swear came from the shows Portlandia or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but I assure you these are real.

California, you are filled with magical beauty, but you also have a bit of a crazy-funny side…

  • "Are you eating bread these days?"

    Two guys at a Napa Valley wedding

  • "So I've been having a little bit of bone broth with a touch of Miso in the morning before breakfast, and it's been really nice."

    Kate sharing with us at Kobe Sushi in Ashland

  • "It's not even that nice. It doesn't even have a cheese counter!"

    Amanda’s take on Podestos Market

  • "Sorry, I can hardly think. I haven’t had my green tea yet."

    Said to me while talking on the phone

  • "Does anyone want anything from the Falafel line?"

    Peter at the Sonoma Farmer’s Market

  • "For one, the pretzel buns were stale."

    Kyle on the demise of Blue Bottle Coffee

  • "I just realized the crudités is not out yet!"

    Susan at a dinner party

  • "Well of course I'll love it; it's Quinoa."

    Kate at our cabin

  • "I'm looking for a knife...”

  • “Do you want a soft cheese knife or hard cheese knife?"

    Nancy & Julia in the kitchen

  • "Is that wine corked or just Italian?" (Ah ha ha everyone laughs)

    Terry Crisler at a dinner party

  • “Does Sonoma have a Target because I need to get a paella pan.”

    Caitlin asking me after our visit

  • “You don’t like Yerba Matte?!?!!”

    Gal to her guy friend at Murphys Health Food Store