Have you ever pondered or searched for your true purpose in life?

Don't worry, I'm not going to make you feel as though your life is inadequate as I espouse deep thoughts on purpose. I'm actually going to share something that goes in the complete opposite direction, which gave me some great solace recently.

I just finished listening to a talk by photographer, Jill Thomas. After Jill tragically lost her two year old daughter in a home accident, Jill went on a full deep-dive into the purpose of life and the meaning of her daughter's death.  After several years, of not finding the answer, Jill discovered that our purpose might just be right in front of us this whole time.

Our purpose might just be, living life presently and fully.

So many times we strive/plan/search for what's better/next/big and in the process we miss all the joyful/current/little moments that are right in front of us. So I hope you enjoy these thoughts I pulled from her talk:

“So many times we go out looking for answers and we are looking in the wrong place, because we have this preconceived idea of what the answer should look like. And so we either miss it or we overlook the solution that has been in front of us the entire time.”

“Because so often we box ourselves up into a prison of ideas and “shoulds” and how my life should be and what I should be doing. Or searches, searching for meaning and purpose that might not be there. And to get back and refocus and re-shift to what’s right in front of you. Are you missing it? Are you missing your life by searching for purpose and meaning? Are you missing the life that is right in front of you? Are you missing the life that you’re already living?”

“I challenge you just to be aware of it; aware of what you’re doing. Because in that you’ll know. You’ll know what’s right for you.”

I will continue to make lists and reach for new goals, but these thoughts have really helped me to take a step back and see all the amazing that is right in front of me, right now! I hope it does the same for you.

xo  Megan