First of all, I don't have much to update. We're still living quietly at the cabin. We are surrounded by cozy fires and simple home-cooked meals, but the downside has been our isolation from so many of our old daily routines, stores, restaurants and friends that we miss.

The good news is, is that I can sense we are getting closer in our quest. Overall I'm feeling like I'm able to put our giant basket of priorities into doable compartments. Our long list of future dreams and needs are not feeling as daunting and I'm grateful for this renewed feeling of hope.

With that said, time is definitely ticking louder. My wedding season is about to kick into gear in about 30 days and the logistics of needing places to stay more and more frequently have been a bit unsettling. I'm immensely grateful for all the friends and family that have already made up a cozy bed, couch or set fresh flowers out for my arrival. It's not easy to live out of a compact suitcase and the back of an overflowing car trunk, so thank you to those who have made me feel like it's home, even if it's for an 11 hour passing-through-sleepover.

So grateful!

Onto a story to share with you.

Mike and I have a special tradition of buying wedding anniversary art each year instead of buying individual gifts. This past October, was the first year it kind of slipped past us so we've been on the search for something meaningful. With our search in mind, we decided to set aside some Christmas money and birthday money that my dear Grandma Betty gave us.

Since I usually spend her gift money pretty quick and update her with a photo of my purchase, I told her that my usual update would be delayed since we were searching for a piece of art. Her immediate funny quip was, "I didn't give you that much money!!" But I assured her I could find something special with our savings.

So we ended up finding this fantastic original painting created by an Instagram artist I follow and adore! Mike and I both loved this one particular piece! Side note: I have purchased over 4 original pieces of art online in the last couple of years with only a snapshot and dimensions given. Every piece has exceeded my hopes! It's a great way to expand your art world.

Our humble savings of $150, neatly folded in 50s in my wallet, fit the purchase price of $145 perfectly! The framed painting was boxed and shipped from South Carolina and it just arrived!

Just as a boat should always be named, I believe a portrait painting should be named as well. So it was only fitting to name her Betty, since Grandma Betty lovingly funded this piece.

I sent a snapshot of the painting to Grandma telling her about the painting, the dedicated name and a little side note how I actually thought it looked like her when she was in her 20s and she replied with three witty words...

"Not as pretty."


Artist:  Field Art

Artist: Field Art