Last week I met my friend Laura for lunch, at The Shed in Healdsburg. The Shed is a curated shop, a cafe and a farmer's market all bundled into one and it's absolutely one of my most favorite places!

After lunch, Laura and I wasted no time to peruse the beautifully displayed wares. As we made our way slowly through the shop, my hands swept over $35 kitchen towels and Laura ogled over a little handcrafted ceramic cup, which she delicately set back down as she laughed, "This cup is $70!".

The Farmer's Market section is filled with wooden crates and galvanized buckets that make you lose track of time. It's all so pretty that it looks make-believe. There was a giant bunch of pink peonies that looked so perfect I thought for sure they were fake, so I gave the bloom a good squeeze. I quickly realized the flower was actually real and a pained look of guilt swept over my face as I backed away saying, "Sorry, Sorry." under my breath; apologizing partly to the flower and partly to any clerk that might have witnessed my assault.

The Shed taps into something deep. It's everything you imagine you'd be, if you had endless money and time. There was even a beautifully curated display for beekeeping and I instantly felt like I could, I should, become a beekeeper with the cute smoke pot and stylish net hat.

I had an instant glimpse into how Martha Stewart must live every day.

As I dreamily imagined my home filled with these treasures, I passed by a darling dark yellow enamel cup and remembered that I had declared, "Someday, when we have our dream bathroom, I'll have a little cup in the shower, just like this one, with fresh herb cuttings." I stood and held that little $15 cup in my hand and had a complete back and forth internal dialogue with myself. For one, it seemed silly to have fragrant cuttings in our boring, basic, Lowe's, tub shower combo. The plastic shelves are not anything like the handmade tile I imagined this little cup to sit upon someday.

But damn-it-all, I bought that cup!

Our lives might not be our perfectly curated hopes yet, but there are so many details we can add now. So can we make a pact with each other? Let's not wait for someday ok?