Hello again. Sorry I've been so quiet.

So let's catch up!

In mid April, Mike and I flew into Nashville, hopped into a rental car and drove up through the beautiful state of Kentucky so we could do some scouting. Based on statistics and photos, I had gotten all excited about seeing the town of Bowling Green Kentucky, certain it might be the town for us.

We went in with the attitude that our scouting would either confirm we loved Kentucky, or we'd take it off the list. Unfortunately, instead of the needle pointing to a firm yes or no, what happened instead was a feeling of middle ground and uncertainty.

First of all, one of the flaws in my trip planning is that we've purposefully been hitting the areas in the off season (Oregon in the winter and Bowling Green on a quiet Sunday). My theory was, sure anyone can fall in love with a town on a bustling summer day, so let's see what life is like during the quiet months. This theory has backfired. While in BG, Mike got excited that he found a pour-over craft coffee shop but sadly they didn't open until 1pm; after church of course. I silently snickered to myself, feigning a look of sympathy. Well, my sympathetic fake frown turned real when I got excited about a local Juice Bar nestled in the town square, but it was closed allll of Sunday. Joke was now on me.

The small towns we visited were charming and we could see the revitalization making progress, but they still felt too small for us. Perhaps it was the quiet Sunday. Perhaps they're not too small but it's because it's all so new. Perhaps it's because our friend count there is currently sitting at zero and that feels scary.

So we kept driving north and landed in Louisville for a couple days. It's a big city that feels small and our friend count there is at least one! Anne, an ex-Californian, actually even more specifically ex-Glen Ellen resident has made this state her home and absolutely loves her life there! It was wonderful to experience the city through her eyes, but do we want to live in a big city? Perhaps if we could find that perfect urban property that we could fix up and flip. So we're still pondering that notion.

So after a few days and a lovely, yet brief visit with our oldest Kyle (he lives in Nashville), we walked back onto that plane feeling disappointed. Well I felt disappointed. I really had high hopes.

Our search continues and my ideas change hourly... so hang on.