To catch you up on the latest... last month we did a quick overnight trip to Southern Oregon to scout a couple of properties we've been eyeing. We fell in love with a particular property that was absolutely breathtaking, but sadly we had to walk away without putting in an offer. Despite its once in a lifetime beauty, it did not fit into a lot of our perimeters. If only we could buy everything that we fall in love with.

The good news is, is that the OR trip was still worthwhile because it helped us narrow down some regions that are still of interest to us.

So, last week Mike and I gave some serious consideration to a local property; only 25 minutes from the cabin. We walked it several times including a sunset picnic so we could see it at different times of the day, talked through every option, drew up rough plans, crunched numbers and toured it again with the realtor.

One thing that kept coming up during our process is that we could not decide yes or no. You see, we have a strong history of being quick. Napa. Ashland. Sonoma. Arnold. Everything that we've ever done has been done within 24 hours. Literally. Every offer was made within 24 hours of seeing a property. When we know, we know.

This waning had both of us concerned, but we chalked it up to the gravity of our future and put in a solid offer with the realtor slash property owner. The process of the offer was perfectly old school! We sat in his office with the faded fish and duck posters lining the walls. He jotted down some notes on a yellow legal pad and then said, "Welp, I gotta run this by my wife and then I'm going fishing tomorrow so I'll be in touch in two days."

His counter offer was not ideal but it didn't matter by the time we received his call. In those two days we decided even though this property checked 97% of our boxes, something was just off. The most glaring "off" is the property driveway is off the highway with passing lanes on both sides. A left turn in or a left turn out could be literally be deadly for one of our guests if they were not really careful. We decided we just could not shake this fearful gut feeling.

So we're back at it. We've upped our searching even more and have a few more properties and towns to see soon.