When I was in high school, the popular girls always dressed in cute Esprit clothes. I quickly surmised I wanted to be cute like them, so I begged my mom to trade in the mall shopping trips for the Esprit outlet.

A few years later, with high school behind me, I came to the conclusion that I no longer wanted to be the tough gal that drove a black Camaro, so I upgraded to the sweetest little white Acura GS hatchback. It was the new me again!

I'm sharing these stories not because I want Esprit to make a comeback, but because I found that whenever I wanted to make a change in my life, it was as simple as saying "I want to be...". I realized that it didn't have to be this grand, monumental, arduous, self-improvement change. It could be something as simple as I want to be the type of person that wears a Fedora or wears cute Swedish clogs or has French soap in the shower.

So, last year I noticed a petite, fit lady, probably close to the age of 80, walk into the lake for her daily swim. I quietly watched her from my towel on the beach and said to myself, "I want to be like her". So I bought my long-sleeve swimsuit and beginner flippers and began to swim. Just a little. My goal fell short last year, but I started up again this year and I took my first morning splash yesterday. I might not stick with swimming, but it feels wonderful to at least try. And who knows, it might just become the new me (again).

Is there something you want to change, tweak, add or try? I'd love to hear and cheer you on!