How do baby names and our property search tie in together?

My sister Amanda just had her 2nd baby and just like her 1st baby (Bowie), my sister waited to find out the gender and also kept the baby names quietly stashed away. Even though this method makes some go bonkers, I'm actually quite grateful.

(It's a girl and her name is Harlow!)

I appreciate this private method, because it breaks my heart to watch an expecting parent share the proposed name and in slow motion, you'll see their smile slowly slide down and melt into a deflated frown as someone gives their opinion about the name. "Oh, don't name your baby THAT! Because [insert a bad memory, a story, or it rhymes with, or that's weird...]" The list goes on.

I believe everyone means well, but the quick quip is still a little hurtful.

I've talked about this before but I feel the need to bring it up again. I've shared the towns and states that Mike and I are considering, and over and over the very first thing out of each mouth is some hypothetical horror story that they feel the need to repeat. "Oh I heard the people are (gasp there could be Republicans in the neighborhood), the weather, the costs, the bugs, the distance!" etc. Just like the baby names, I feel my hopeful smile slowly slide down my face into a puddle of defeat. Everyone means well, but each negative comment does not help our quest.

We are trying to achieve a new life that is full and blessed and less expensive. A place where we can live debt free and begin new business ventures, a place where we can build up our retirement (more like begin) and if need be, an elderly family member who needs some extra care can live next door. It's not an easy feat!

So we need all the encouragement you can muster.

I totally understand you'll have questions when the day arrives. That we welcome! "Will you continue your businesses there? How often do you plan to return to the Bay Area?" Etc. We welcome the dialogue!! We just don't want the "Oh, I heard it's awful because..."

So when we do find our new home, you can rest assure that Mike and I have already discussed every single little minuscule factor... bugs, weather, taxes, red state/blue state, crime, restaurants, economy, flights, friends, family, dmv fees, health insurance, is there a Wholefoods, etc. And we'll have a solid answer for you.


Thank you for caring and understanding,



Bowie + Harlow

Bowie + Harlow