I’ve chatted with a lot of friends and family about the type of home and property we are hoping to call home soon. Rolling hills and oak trees has been one of the descriptions I've repeated over and over, but as I’ve shared, I’ve also heard my own words make drastic turns up down and around, and I started wondering if something was wrong with me. Why could I not give a definitive description for what we long for? Contrasting options, such as old farmhouse, new construction, or fixed up modern ranch have all been possibilities. What I finally realized this week, is that I love all types of homes!

Here’s just a sampling of the homes that would be a dream. Now you can see why I might give you conflicting ideas and updates.

  • A white, thick walled Adobe in Sedona
  • An old farmhouse in the Oregon countryside
  • A stone cottage in Carmel
  • A glass and concrete modern ranch in Tomales
  • A centuries old Cape in New England
  • A Spanish revival in San Luis Obispo
  • A 1950s houseboat in Tiburon
  • A converted industrial loft in Portland
  • A neighborhood row house in Louisville
  • A rustic sided ranch house in Idaho


So who knows what our home will look like. But what I can say is no matter what style, it will be a home that welcomes friends and family for years.



(photos via pinterest)