On August 24, 2017 Mike and I drove out of Sonoma, stopping to drop off most of our possessions into a 12x20 storage unit and settled into our small log cabin for a "few months".

Never ever did we think we'd be living here for a full year! As you guessed, not all has gone as we planned, but perhaps... the plan is right on track?

In this year we talked and made lists and prioritized and we thought we knew exactly what we wanted in this next chapter. Then, we pretty much found our dream property last month, with almost all of the boxes checked, but still, it didn't feel right. So we said no.

So we made more lists and talked some more and whittled that list down to its core.

This full year at the cabin has been amazing and relaxing, and it has been lonely and discouraging. It's hard to imagine that all of these emotions can live together. But I really believe we were put here for all four seasons so we could grow and listen to our hearts.

We learned we don't need a lot to live. Dinners at home are really nice. Our cars survived without a garage with the only covering sometimes being 6" of snow on a cold winter day. We've logged 25,000 miles to date on my car and we've only owned it 8 months! But that's okay because that's what cars are for. I learned to (mostly) survive without Wholefoods and found that a town in the middle of nowhere can have a really good organic produce section and a few fancy cheeses to make you feel special when you need that extra love.

So we still don't have anything definitive to share, but we are looking and we are ready with a new peace in our hearts. Here are a few things from our lists, all of which we believe is waiting for us...

warmth, love, families visiting, old friends and new friends. a flower garden just for cuttings, local farmer's markets and artisan makers nearby. outdoor music days, the occasional craft cocktail at some hip place, warm breezes and brisk damp air. quiet sunsets and woodsy hikes and home cooked meals bubbling on the stove. a place that is authentic for our lives and by God hopefully it will be our forever home.


If one photo could represent everything I want in a home and in life, this is it...


(Sorry no credit because I found it on Pinterest)