Normally, Mike is the one to wake in the wee hours, but last night I was the lucky one to hear the first sounds of a bear (actually a mama bear and big cub) doing some damage to our neighbor's wooden garbage can enclosure.

They're regular visitors and they somehow have a keen sense of when our neighbor's trash is full and when our neighbors are not home. Sigh.

So I quietly woke Mike and said, "Honey the bear is back" and he pretty much rolled over and said "It's fine." The clock only ticked 2 more seconds, and then we both heard a board being ripped from its nail, followed by a loud crack of splintering wood.

Mike got out of bed.

We keep our little BB gun handy for just these trouble makers, so Mike grabbed the flashlight and I turned on the deck lights and we began our usual, popping off shots into the dark vicinity of the garbage cans below. Now for all you bear lovers, don't worry. If we even make contact, it's a little sting and it barely gets through that fur.

After several BBs into the night, they finally scampered off. What's kind of cool is we could hear their fleeing direction, not by the crunching of branches but by the neighborhood dogs being woken. Little dog yips began as the bears made their way past other cabins.

So our poor neighbor, who so proudly just reinforced the garbage enclosure a few days ago, will be driving back up tomorrow to find splintered wood AND a big bite taken out of his plastic garbage can!!