"Doing as little as possible"

Yesterday I stopped into out local post office to drop off a couple packages and as I quietly waited in line, a couple of retiree locals in front of me caught up with each other.

"Oh, hi John! What have you been up to lately?"

"Oh you know, doing as little as possible. I'm getting quite good at it."

I appreciate that we all have different goals for our lives and I also respectfully acknowledge that Mike and I don't know what if feels like to be 80 years old (yet), but we sure don't plan on just sitting around waiting for that bright light to take us away some day. It's our hope that if anyone ever asks us that question, our answer will be full of life, about our children, family, travel, projects, hobbies and new exciting things.

My hope for you is the same. It's a big, wide world full of endless things to learn, see and do.



Thank you Laura for this treasured photo!    (www.lauraschneiderphoto.com)

Thank you Laura for this treasured photo!    (www.lauraschneiderphoto.com)