We've been in our cabin for 11 months now and we feel like we are way past our due date! Our initial "We'll just be here through the winter" has proven to be slightly miscalculated.

Why my pregnant analogy? Well, my sister is due with her 2nd baby any day now and I feel like the parallels to our house hunting matches perfectly with my sister's pregnancy. She's done being pregnant and we're totally tired of the house searching. Everyone keeps checking on her to see if she's had the baby and everyone keeps checking with us to see if we've found a house.

We have not found a house.

I've been missing in action because frankly, I don't know what to say anymore. I literally swing between the joyful "I know our house is out there soon", to the slump of "We literally don't belong anywhere". These thoughts whip back and forth nearly every day. Sometimes hourly.

To catch you up to date. Last month we thought we found the holy grail of properties. A whopping 50 acres of rolling hills and oak trees only an hour from the cabin. We walked it extensively with the agent and were cautiously excited, but as we continued our exploration of the land and of the surrounding area, it just... didn't feel like home. So we drove back to the cabin in utter silence and totally deflated.

Back to the drawing board.

2 nights ago, we sat down and made yet another list together to help us gain focus and hope. A list to dig down even deeper, into the depths of our heart, of what is most important to us in a home, in a life, in a community. Our list makes our hearts' sing and we are in total agreement of our future hopes. We're just not sure where that magic place is located.

Here's to hoping we have that "baby" soon.