We held hands and ran as fast as we could down the empty dock. With two big smiles on our face and only a couple vacationing onlookers watching from the beach, we gulped one last bit of mountain air and jumped into the lake!

Yesterday I held back tears, as our jump was likely to be the last for the season. Summer never ever lasts long enough for me. It’s always this sad goodbye for me because waiting 9 months until it’s warm enough to swim again feels like eternity.

And if we move away, yesterday was possibly our last swim ever in this little lake of ours. It’s the lake that Bowie learned to be brave in the deep end. It’s the lake where we always burn our feet on the hot sand and have to make a run for the water, and of course it’s the lake where I order my terribly awful-yummy nachos from the snack shack.

I’m hopeful to squeeze a couple more sandy suntanning days out this month, but the water is getting cooler and cooler each day and becoming less tempting.

The upcoming crisp Autumn months are a time I look forward to so much, but I wish I could have all the good parts of Summer and Autumn all intertwined with each other.

One big Summer-Autumn sandwich,