Two nights ago Mike casually said, “I have a little time while waiting for my drafting clients to get some answers back to me. Are there any projects around the house that you can think of that might help spruce up the cabin before winter.”

Fast forward 12 hours to Mike, deep in the trenches of buckets and buckets of tar on our driveway. We quickly joked that he’ll never make the mistake of asking that again!

Mike watched a how-to video on YouTube, texted our neighbor and borrowed his power-washer and then filled the Cruiser up with supplies from our local Ace Hardware store and by the end of the day we had a really nice newish black driveway again!

Of course I’m leaving out a few of the curse words, sweat pouring off his brow and a couple more trips to the hardware store, but he got it done and it looks great!

The story in of itself is not that exciting but I did have a couple funny pics to share…

We always make a point to return borrowed items a little better than we found them, so our neighbor Rod got a thank you Coors Light gift. Also, please make note of my amazing cabin fashion.


Getting started! And poor, sweet, leaky Ponce the Cruiser has been banished to parking in the dirt from here on out.


And then we ever so carefully avoided walking on the driveway as it dried. But apparently our friendly neighbor Smokey the Bear didn’t get the memo, and he took a little saunter down the driveway at 4am leaving his mark. It’s difficult to see in the photo, but these prints are definitely big round bear paw prints. Luckily just dusty prints and not imprinted into the new surface, although imprinted would have been kind of fun!