Chapter 17 - Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago today, I became cancer free.

When Mike and I celebrated my 5 year anniversary in 2014, we took a big trip to Europe and skied the Swiss Alps and I got my first tattoo in Munich, because that’s what we all do for big milestones. We do something big. Earlier this year I was scheming what we’d do for this monumental 10 and life got busy, and then we bought a house in Maine and that seemed like something big enough.

I’d like to say that I never take a day for granted, but I do. We all do. I suspect (and secretly hope) that even the Tibetan monks who live pure lives, sometimes see the golden sunrise and instead of saying a prayer of gratitude, just think, “I’m hungry for breakfast”.

So today, as I play with Bowie and do more packing for our upcoming move, I will say up my thanks to whomever is listening, “Thank you for this day”. And I might say it a few extra times today.

xo Megan