Chapter 14 - End of a Stone Wall...

As far as I can tell, no one ever had riveting dinner conversations over the topic of land surveying. If you’re a surveyor and I’m rudely wrong, please reply and tell me a good story. So when the printed copy of our House Deed arrived in the mail this week, surveying just got a whole lot more interesting!


“Beginning on the Easterly side of the road about 12 feet from a large maple tree by the road at the end of a stone wall along the head of a field…”


“… thence on said road so far as to make 25 rods* on a right angle from the last corner…”


“Beginning at a bolt in the end of a stone wall on the westerly side of the old discontinued town road leading northerly past the residence of the late Harry Reed; thence running westerly by land of said Reed heirs and by land of Smith, this line marked by a stone wall part of the way and by a wire fence and the remains of a stone wall, to a bolt in a rock on line of land of Phyllis Barter…”

* The rod or perch or pole is a surveyor's tool and unit of length exactly equal to 5 1⁄2 yards, 161⁄2 feet, 1⁄320 of a statute mile or one-fourth of a surveyor's chain (approximately 5.0292 meters). The rod is useful as a unit of length because whole number multiples of it can form one acre of square measure.


Chapter 13 - The Unknown Seasons

When we first toured our Arnold cabin and put in an offer, it was mid January and it included the typical cold and snowy weather you’d expect. The locals we ran into kept saying, “Just wait until summer, it’s the absolute best up here in the mountains!” But with that swim lake covered in a thin film of ice, it was nearly impossible to imagine us splashing around on a hot summer day.

We were going on pure faith that the locals were telling the truth.

Moving to Maine in January is not ideal, we’ll grant you that, but there’s something really exciting about arriving to a beautiful part of the country, when things are icy and dormant. As each season unfolds in this coming year, we will get to experience it as if it’s a gift being unwrapped and we cannot wait.

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Chapter 12 - Finally Planting Roots

One of my odd silent hobbies I like to partake in, is to pretend I’m a psychologist and I’ll analyze myself and situations all the way down to the deep, dark depths. So when my friend Daidri and I were recently chatting, I was really surprised when she made a very obvious statement that I had completely missed about myself.

“Well, it sounds like you haven’t put down real roots since Ashland which was in 2002, so no wonder you want to settle down!”

No I thought, with wide, surprised eyes… it could not possibly be 16 years since we really felt settled?! Yes, we nestled into our various homes, since our time in Ashland, all with the familiar comforts, but there was always an underlying knowing that “this is just temporary while we’re waiting for our forever home”.

My takeaway from this realized observation is how frightening time can slip by when you’re not living intentionally. Every little bit can add up to an entire life’s worth!

I’m now stepping back and looking more closely at myself and paying closer attention so I don’t let time slip by so easily again. Want to join me in this quest? Who wants to squeeze the most out of life!!

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